When are you open?

Our phone lines are on 24/7 so feel free to call. for prompt service please fill out our online booking form.

Can we come see the bus?

Yes. by appointment only. If you show up looking to see a bus without a verified appointment, you can not be shown the vehicle.

How do i pay for the vehicle?

Depending on the vehicle there is a $175+ deposit and will be applied to your credit card. The remainder will be paid to the driver in cash. If you choose to pay the balance by credit card it must be paid 2 days before your rental date.
There is a 3.5% credit card transaction fee for all credit card transactions.

Can you do a pick up and drop off only.

No. Not normally, but for certain situations we may provide that service. Our buses have a 4 hour minimum rental period.

Can we decorate the bus.

Yes. only on the inside. but only if it does not damage the surface of our paint, seating, upholstered walls, or anything else in the vehicle in any way. so no glue or adhesives. bring string to hang any banners or tie up balloons. You are required to clean up your decor or you will be charged a cleaning fee.

Can we smoke in the bus?

The smoking of tobacco products is prohibited, but you may use electronic cigarettes.

Is underage drinking allowed?

No. Alcohol possession or consumption is strictly prohibited to any one under 21.

What is included in the price?

The quoted price includes the Party bus, driver, taxes, and gratuity for the driver unless otherwise noted in the contract. There are additional fees depending on your pick up and drop off destinations.

What are your rules , regulations, and policies?

See our rental agreement contract.

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