The Ultimate Atlanta Party Bus Rental Guide 2020

The Ultimate Atlanta Party Bus Rental Guide 2020

Advance Planning is Key. Do your research

When searching for a party bus near me you want to choose the right party bus rental company to provide your service. There are a lot of illegal, spam businesses out here and you need to be extra careful about choosing your party bus service. There are violations of failed DOT inspections, to not being a licensed limousine service in the state of Georgia, to not having the proper insurance. I have personally seen a few carriers that are not insured at all . We have heard it all from the classic false advertising bus picture online , to the bus amenities don’t work and yes this includes the air conditioning in August Georgia heat!! We have even heard they took our deposit, never showed up and refused to issue a refund.  With that being said, its best lock in your party bus rental as far in advance as possible with a company that you can trust. This is especially important  when considering  wedding transportation or a party bus for prom,  you do not want to take the chance on your date no being available or you not being able to get the best bus with the most amenities to meet your party’s needs.  

Before getting a quote

Have a Head Count:

Before getting a quote for your party bus Atlanta rental there are a few things you’re going to need to know. First let’s start with how many people are in your party. Most reputable party bus companies are going to base their rates on the size bus you rent. So you don’t want to call, get a quote on a 15 passenger bus, then you end up with 30 passengers and you’re shocked at the rate increase. The prices for a 30 passenger bus can nearly double the price.

Where do you want to go?:

Now that you have a head count for your party buss rental near Atlanta, let’s talk about picking a destination or destinations. We all know Atlanta traffic is the worst!  So coming up with an itinerary beforehand is also a must. Most often people want to make multiple stops throughout the night when they are renting a party bus. Whether it’s a pub crawl or dinner and north Georgia wine tour, you want to let your reservation agent know where your party is going so that the driver can plan ahead. When you are paying for a certain number hours, you definitely do not want to waste precious time not knowing what you want to do.  

How many hours will you need for your rental?

A professional party bus reservation agent should be able to help you with reserving an adequate amount of time for your rental. Wouldn’t it suck to pay for 4 hours on a party bus that could easily cost $1000.00,  just to not be able to enjoy your dinner, because the reservation was too short? Your reservation agent  didn’t make you aware that the boarding time is 15 minutes on average, the drive from your location to the venue is 50 minutes with no traffic,  and traffic is high because its 6pm Friday evening.  Here at Pure Party Bus the party never stops and neither does the customer service.

Alright so we have our date, we know how many people are in our party, how many hours you will need to reserve, and we know our destination it is time to call and get a quote!

How much do party buses cost?

Understanding the cost is key. A party bus rental is going to be an hourly rate, which usually starts with a four hour minimum, although this may not always be the case.  Some companies offer blocks of time party favors and refreshments. We refer to these as party bus packages. Once you get that hourly rate, a very very important question to ask is does the hourly rate include taxes and gratuity? Please beware of hidden fees. This may seem obvious but you want to be sure, so please ask. That $125/ hour party bus rental can turn into $160/hour once taxes and gratuity are added in. You need to know this so that there are no surprise hits to the budget. Also, most of us are going to split this party bus rental among our friends so knowing the total with taxes and gratuity added allows you to know how to divide that receipt evenly! Also the party bus company is going to want you to put down a deposit to lock in your date, you want to know how much that is and when it has to be paid by. The deposit is usually applied to your rate and then the remaining has to be paid at a later date, which they should inform you of as well.  Another tip, cheaper does not always mean better! Please ask what amenities are on the bus, so that you know you are getting the most bang for your buck!

Amenities… What amenities??

Ok so let’s see where we are at. We have prepared, we have gotten our quote, and we have picked the bus. So let’s talk amenities. Before you put down a deposit and sign your contract go look at the bus in person or at the minimum ask about the amenities.

Lighting: the right ambient lighting can set the mood to any party scene!

Music/ sound system: Who doesn’t want a quality sound system on their party bus. You want to make sure that sound system is up to par. Other things to look for are what are your options for music? Does the company provide a playlist? Can you give them a playlist in advance? Is there a way to to play DVD’s? Is there a Bluetooth option? What about an AUX chord? You need to know these things so that your Atlanta party bus can be as fun as the event you may be on your way to! Because your luxury party bus is your own private VIP rolling venue, going with the right party bus rental company will make all the difference.

TV’s: What is a party bus ride without at least one giant TV! Some buses have multiple tvs in their buses from 20 inches up to 55 inches. Some of the more expensive buses are more versatile in function. Like some buses can stream wirelessly between devices and also universal plug ins for videogame play.

Too much to name:

The things listed above are some highlights, but you also want to make sure the seating is comfortable and accommodating for your party. Most buses come with a dance pole, but if that is not your cup of tea you want to make sure that it is removable. Other things to look for include, USB charger ports for your phone, possibly a karaoke machine, or photo booth, hey maybe even a hookah! You’d be surprised what’s offered on some of Atlanta’s luxury party buses.

Food and Beverages

We have prepared, got our quote, checked out the amenities, and booked our bus now it’s time to ride right? Not quite, but your almost there. What about food and beverages. A lot of party bus companies will include and the minimum ice, cups, and napkins but you need something to put in those cups and something to use those napkins for. Lets start with the adults. In the state of Georgia it is illegal to sell alcohol without a liquor license. So the party bus company that you are renting from cannot sell alcohol, so you’re going to have to bring your own. Some may provide a complimentary bottle with the right party bus package. And if you’re not a drinker or you’re under the age of 21, you still probably want to have some type of refreshments on hand for your guests. Look for a cooler option or a bar, you may have to bring your own if one is not built in on the bus. And don’t forget the snacks. If you’re not planning a trip to get food you may want to supply your guest with some light snacks to go with their refreshments.

 So now we know that renting a party bus in Atlanta doesn’t have to be complicated at all. The process is super simple once you know what you want to do.

Do your research! Do not get scammed! Ask to view the buses.

We learned to book your party as far in advance as possible to secure your date.  Knowing the head count for your group, and having a clear outline of the day really matters.

Last but not least we learned that party buses are fun, and also the responsible way to transport your party. So plan on partying your heart out because a well planned out evening with a reservation agent can leave you to focus on fun!

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When searching for a luxury party bus in the Greater Atlanta area Pure Party Bus will satisfy all of your transportation needs. Our buses come fully loaded with all types of amenities to maximize your VIP experience. Some of our features are club lighting, Bluetooth and AUX inputs, 2 TVs, custom seating, smoke machine, removable dancer pole, karaoke machine, hookah, professional iPad photo booth for the highest quality selfies, and more…Ready to get the party started? Request your quote today.